More and more British couples are keen to use adult toys

Abstract: a new survey shows that 82% of British couples use adult toys, compared with the previous ratio has been significantly improved. 0″ a new survey showed that 82% of British couples used adult toys, this proportion has increased significantly compared to the past. From this investigation can be found in 55% of the respondents feel using adult instruments is an embarrassing thing. The purchase, the use of sex toys and other aids products have been increasingly accepted by the general public, the first time the average age of the purchase of sex toys is 26 years old. 38% of the first purchase of fun products is intended to enhance and activate their relationships with their lovers. About half of users use sex toys is the desire to enhance the sexual experience and love. About 1/4 of couples will often use sex toys, while the use of a couple of 1/3 special occasions, such as Valentine’s day, so and so on the anniversary… Alex Fox, a renowned science expert, said that once couples began to accept and use adult sex toys, they would create a vast room for improvement in their sexual relationships. Fawkes said that sex toys can bring a lot of intimate new experience, so as to maintain a long-term relationship between lovers, to help them get a more pleasant orgasm. It may be helpful for the love that has become more and more insipid over time.

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