More real! Smart sell 83 thousand inflatable dolls feel guards

Editor’s note: if one day you need to buy an inflatable doll as a sexual partner, how much are you willing to spend on her? The standard of the student party is usually between tens to hundreds, in short, rarely more than one thousand. The office of the economy a little more likely, according to their own situation will buy a thousand or even ten thousand or twenty thousand dolls. But today Xiaobian tell you, people will spend more than 80000 yuan to buy back a doll! Shocked? Is not bright blind, can only sigh: the rich world is really not so I can understand the grass root. The British “Daily Mail” reported on December 25th, recently, photographer Robert? Benson (Robert Benson) through the lens of his lead people to visit in the United States San Diego City Ebisi brother (Abyss Creations), creative factory specializing in the production of the factory is famous for its tool.

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