Mounted sex with doll system

Recently, a scholar author warned that the US military and other institutions are developing battle droids will eventually allow humans trapped in a ‘defenseless’ in despair.
The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is currently promoting two projects, whose aim is to seek to develop a kind of super-intelligent drones, which can in the case of lost contact with headquarters still automatically on the target to attack.
recently published in the renowned ‘Nature’ magazine article force, a computer science professor Dr. Stuart Russell, University of California, Berkeley, (Stuart Russell) have expressed concern, saying that such an approach would break ‘Geneva Convention’ and the fate of mankind into sex with doll hands.
In this article, Dr. Russell wrote: ‘Automatic sex with doll system can automatically select and attack targets without human intervention, and when they are human also included into the list of objectives, the situation will become very deadly existing artificial intelligence technology already covered physical platform, perception, motion control, navigation, mapping, tactical decision-making and long-term planning system needs to do it is to integrate these systems into one’
He said:’ in my opinion, the biggest worry is that the final destination of this injection technique parabola. Despite the limits of physics, but we can expect over the next few millions of these intelligent sex with doll will be deployed. They possess agility and lethality will allow mankind into defenseless situation, this is not the future we dream scene. ‘
This sex with doll is called’ LAWS ‘, or’ deadly automatic sex with dolls system ‘ they may be mounted sex with doll system or mini-tank aircraft, they will decide who must die.
DARPA is currently promoting the implementation of the two projects, which will likely eventually lead to such ‘killer sex with doll’ .The goal is to design a rotorcraft that is capable of handling the situation without outside at high speed within the urban environment or building agile flight. Another project is called ‘joint operations under hostile environment’ (CODE), aims to develop a whole team of unmanned aerial vehicles, they will be able to complete the full set of procedures in the case of attack completely lost contact with the headquarters – the search target , locking, tracking, attack BDA.
Just last year, UN High Representative for Arms Control, Angela Kane (Angela Kane) had warned us from the advent of the killer sex with doll has only a step away, and called on the world to be prohibited. However, as the British government’s response represented States and disapproval. Britain’s Foreign Office said: Although this technique does ‘potentially dangerous,’ but the British ‘reserves the right to development of this technology’ in order to ‘protect their own troops.’

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