Nearly half of imported condoms failed, 60 thousand were ordered to recall

Editor’s note: no exaggeration to say that Chinese people have to “sink” stage of imported products, no matter what the situation is, they blindly pursue “foreign goods”, and blindly believe that imports is better than those made in china. Indeed, over the years some domestic food supplies really consumers left a very bad effect, but with the progress of science and regulatory departments to increase inspection efforts, not only domestic goods were not so unbearable, also produced many high-quality companies. On the other hand, imported goods, condoms, for example, may not be as safe as you think”. Guangdong inspection and Quarantine Bureau on 7 2016 Bureau of external communications of the catalogue of import and export commodities inspection supervision, total imports of 951 batches, 203 batches of substandard detection, the unqualified rate of 21.35%; the sampling pass rate of 46% imported condoms. 60 thousand originated in Malaysia, Japan’s well-known brand defects condoms were ordered to implement the recall and shipped out of the country. Guangdong inspection and Quarantine Bureau to remind the majority of consumers, to rational purchase, do not blindly superstition imported products.

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