Network commentator Qu Bo: Sexual Culture Festival, what is wrong

Abstract: talk about sex without discoloration, not difficult. Through scientific study, to establish a correct understanding of the culture, is not what a shame. It is also very meaningful to study and improve the primitive instinct of human beings, so as to enhance the “sex index”. Mentioned, in our traditional country, one thing is not how decent, although with the release of people’s ideological concept, coupled with the country style but essentially the same “Cultural Festival” held, let this shy topic gradually into the public view. According to the China Network reported that recently, Shandong, Ji’nan held a “Sex Culture Festival” once again become eye-catching picture news. Catwalk shows, body painting, cultural activities and so on, to see people terrified, all eyes, of course there are also friends said, “not fit to be seen.”. In the end what way to cut into people’s lives, and how many people can become a yardstick to get on the table chat topic? purple violet sweetheart Vibrator 6.0 Inches Clitoral Vibrator Sex Toys for Female

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