New technology will be published in the United States and the young girl in the Northeast Jun VR accompany you to sleep

Editor’s note: the two dimension girl can be said to be the perfect goddess in the eyes of many Indoorsman, especially some single Wang, should be an average of at least once every day as this group of young beauty idea. But this is, after all, the two dimension ah, how to achieve it? In the past, basically can only think about, but a lot of inflatable dolls, hand a little rushed to Indoorsman girls moved back home. But those who can not afford to buy inflatable dolls how to do it, the answer is still the same as before, just think about it. But now it’s not the same! The advent of new technology believes that even if you can not afford to buy Inflatable doll, but also to call you in the eyes of the goddess to accompany sleep! For many children, always want to have a girlfriend with her, but in reality… Perhaps in a daze, perhaps playing games, perhaps eating snacks, only sustenance is two dimensional girl, but what is the egg? Cannot accompany themselves in reality, if you buy a doll and very expensive shoes, usually used in game money, where the money to buy a doll? But today to introduce to you is not to use inflatable doll can also get the two dimension beautiful girls to accompany sleep Oh, want to know we look down…

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