Patent litigation against Satisfyer is not serious.

Editor’s note: the European famous brand of interest supplies Satisfyer days before the date of patent infringement in Germany, together with a clear view of the. “We all feel very funny,” Jerome Satisfyer, vice president of sales – Ben Simon (Jerome Bensimon) said: “Satisfyer not only attaches great importance to their own rights, also very seriously the rights of third parties. This is more of a “marketing lawsuit”, rather than a serious patent infringement litigation. Our view that the only purpose of this lawsuit is to disrupt the market, because the fact that the proceedings are not in favor of the. This is definitely not a patent infringement case!” Womanizer brought to the proceedings only against the current Pro Satisfyer 2 version of the early, and the version only appeared in the German market. Other countries outside Germany have never been accused of infringing acts: it is not a Womanizer patent, nor is it allowed to draw a lawsuit outside Germany. In addition, the complaint is not for the current delivery version of Pro Satisfyer 2, but for the early version of the early version of the recently upgraded. The old version is no longer in production. “All models such as Satisfyer 1, Satisfyer 2, Satisfyer Pro Penguin, Satisfyer Pro Deluxe and Satisfyer Pro 2, are from our own R water injectable inflatable sex doll

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