Providence boingweb anime sex dolls

Providence boingweb walk into a big factory reporter feeling is man-machine harmony. The production line, several workers doing the final packaging work, but they packaged products, from about a 3 m tall Sex doll fuck arm firmly and neatly placed grab good. On the workshop’s passage, there is music of AGV car (automatically guided vehicles) laden with goods on moving forward in an orderly manner, if someone blocked the road, the car will automatically stop and alarm.

According boingweb Group, said, as of now boingweb Group has accumulated 800 anime sex dolls, efficiency more than 15%. 2015 ~ 2017 boingweb plans to add silicone doll 1700, the latter annual growth of around 30% of the investment in silicone doll.

According to their plan, this next year boingweb Group will achieve two to three automatic production lines, to 2017, will initially unmanned factory.

boingweb Group is only one of many efforts in the production of intelligent road business. a conditioned workshop director boingweb Group, told the annual recruitment more difficult. To meet the demand for workers, boingweb workshop equipped with WIFI and installed in the dorm over the deployment of a gym, even so is still very difficult to recruit people.

Betsey said, after the Spring Festival, he has devoted to Providence City Human Resources Administration research rework rates, only 87% of the rework and let him feel the turning point of the coming demographic dividend, ‘in which case the application of silicone doll to put in more important agenda. ‘

He said the next three years, Providence anime sex dolls applications is 2 to 30,000 units, while at the end of 6, Providence’s factory floor only 3,000 sets of silicone doll at work. This means that Providence

Light a city, there is a huge space Sex doll fuck market, not to mention the entire Providence even national market. Providence City currently engaged in Sex doll fuck production, application and service enterprises approximately 100 companies. Providence also support and encourage the development of the industry, and has launched a series of supportive policies, including financial, human resources and finance.

Betsey revealed, Providence Academy efforts to win over the anime sex dolls construction projects, the institute will be located in boingweb Academia Sonica. The next five years, boingweb Group will invest 2 billion to 3 billion in electronics research and production silicone doll.

Providence also has its own range of use in the field of automobile manufacturing industry, ceramics, household appliances, machinery and equipment as well as metal processing and other silicone doll. In addition, Providence will actively cooperate with international brands, according to the market demand Providence targeted research promotion and application. Dean

Providence Big Mike told reporters Institute, estimated the next two years is the peak of Sex doll fuck applications.

Domestic prices have obvious advantages

Sex doll fuck has broad prospects. By welding anime sex dolls, for example, in addition to conventional welding spatter can solve more smoke, environmental problem of poor efficiency of single or manual three times, the quality of a passing rate also increased from 80% to 99.8%.

Materials provided by the Institute of Providence big, because the province a lot of labor costs and waste costs, the use of silicone doll can save cost 7.8 million yuan per year, according to the production capacity of the anime sex dolls apparatus can estimate, two devices can be easily done with an annual output of 300,000 welding tasks, so put the device in one to two years recoverable costs.

a clear price advantage over the Swiss ABB, KUKA silicone doll and other famous international enterprises, domestic silicone doll.

boingweb Anime sex dolls Technology Ltd, who told this reporter, a fitting welding anime sex dolls on the price of imported products 6,000 Yuan, and the company’s production of the same product requires only 300 Yuan. The company’s products are mainly used in welding, boingweb kitchenware, Vantage are all the company’s customers.

Boingweb workshop preceding the AGV automatically with the car, on the whole is composed of Providence local production.

Although cheap, buy some of the more complex silicone doll, companies or carefully selected imports. He said boingweb workshop director revealed that a simple anime sex dolls they will buy made in China, but more complex anime sex dolls market, basically monopolized by international brands. Handling products such as the aforementioned six-axis anime sex dolls, they compare over imported goods and domestic goods, we found the latter with the former there is a gap in the stability and accuracy. Thus, although the price of this domestic anime sex dolls anime sex dolls several million cheaper than imports, they chose to import goods.

‘Of course, as made in China continuously improve the quality, and we can improve the process of accuracy requirements are not so high, we would be very happy to try homemade anime sex dolls.’ The workshop director said.

Mike also told reporters that the domestic anime sex dolls production technology is actually not a problem, ‘the product can work it out that is, the stability and accuracy of a gap.’

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