Psycho! The man went to the store in the middle of the night to do that

Editor’s note: not blindly believe that as long as all know that stealing is a kind of illegal behavior, but also can be according to the amount of theft conviction, so the thief wants to send relief on hand to rush into danger urgent, stealing are cash, jewelry, valuables. But today, the thief does not take the unusual way, even the adult supplies store of all kinds of fun addiction…… Again and again the burglary, although the amount stolen is not particularly large, but for business Adult supplies shop owner is not a small loss. Can only hope that the relevant departments will be brought to justice as soon as possible, so that everyone at ease. Precious things are easy to arouse the attention of thieves, but Yangzhou has a Maozei on TA moving from the mind, do these… Is really very psycho..!

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