Purchasing channels confusion, amazing increase in price, the adult goods market is very chaotic

Abstract: adult products not only purchase channels confused, but also amazing fare increase. 0″ 0″Men’s topical spray retail and wholesale price of 1.5 yuan a box of condoms retail can sell 8 yuan of money, the wholesale price of 5 yuan to sell 40 yuan of money, the wholesale price of 10 yuan Adult supplies appliances retail can sell fifty or sixty yuan…… Yesterday, the reporter visited our city some adult supplies wholesale market found that adult goods not only purchase channels confusion, and the amazing increase in price.The retail price is quite different from the wholesale priceHello, what can I do for you? We have everything here, and it’s cheap.” Yesterday morning, in the city of the Yellow River on the way to an adult supplies wholesale store, the boss enthusiastically greeted reporters. Reporters followed the identity of the purchaser and the boss carried out communication, the boss told reporters: “condoms cheapest wholesale price of 1.5 yuan a box, a little better brand, a little expensive, 5 yuan a box.”.” “Then how much can these condoms sell at the retail price of the store?”” Reporter asked. The boss said: “like this, the cheapest can sell 8 yuan to 10 yuan, this expensive retail can also sell more than 20 yuan to 30 yuan.”.”Reporters roughly forget it, wholesale price of 1.5 yuan a box of condoms, retail price of 8 to 10 yuan, which means that in the process from wholesale to retail, its fare up to more than 5 times.Reporters learned that, in addition to the most common condoms, adult health care products area is also flooded with a large number of oral health care products, topical drugs and adult supplies appliances. In another adult supplies wholesale store, the boss recommended to reporters a men’s topical drug sprays, the capacity of 20ml, the wholesale price of 5 yuan per bottle. “This retail sale is very good. You can get more in it. The retail price can be more than 40 yuan.”.” The boss said. Reporters forget about it, the boss sold this man to reporters external use of medicinal sprays, the retail price reached 8 times more than the purchase price.Subsequently, the reporter visited a number of adult retail stores in our city, and found that the retail price of various supplies was indeed the wholesale boss said, such as the cheapest condoms are around 10 yuan.Brand condoms, imitation goods moreIn the visit, some of the wholesale boss repeatedly sold to reporters, their home sales condoms are regular manufacturers, quality assurance. Is it implied that these condoms are imitations? One of the owners admitted to reporters: “condoms are fast consumer goods,” * * box “limited space to increase, profits are not much.”. It’s impossible to make money by selling a few boxes of condoms if you open an adult retail store. Some brand-name condoms, in fact, have imitation goods, each box of wholesale price is not more than 5 yuan, but retail can sell more than 30 yuan and sell fast, but I’m not here now.”So how can adult retail stores make money? One of the bosses introduced his business history to reporters”. He told reporters: “a look at you will not do this line of business, I tell you, do not sell at a high price is not to earn money, selling condoms alone can not earn money.”. Its profits depend on health care products, external use drugs and other appliances. Like some aphrodisiac drugs, most of them are unworthy of the name, like sprays, and in fact they have little effect. The purchase price is very cheap, so the retail will watch what you say. For example, to boast this medicine, that medicine is magical, no side effects, etc., seize the customer psychology, customers are willing to pay money to buy. Also, it’s important to look at the age of the customer and introduce different supplies to customers of different ages. As for other adult appliances, there is a lot of room for profit. Like this, the purchase price of 10 yuan a, some retail stores can sell 40 yuan of money, some can sell 60 yuan no problem, it depends on how you say.”The reporter learned that, in the face of high profit Adult supplies, customers tend to shy away from the bargain, and few people can remember what brand of better quality, the retail shop owner will seize the customer this mentality, often boast of its function to buy. A retail store owner told reporters: “the purchase of adult supplies customers tend to be ashamed of bargaining, once customers enter the store will certainly buy, the key is to see how you sell products.”.”Physical stores difficult to get rich, businesses fought networkIt is understood that adult use of the entity want to “rich” is not easy, therefore, to seek high profits, businesses fought electricity supplier. A person engaged in Adult supplies wholesale industry insiders told reporters, general entity shop every day not many customers, so only by the high price per unit to compensate for traffic.Then, the entity store can hardly do “rich”, then the sale of adult supplies electricity supplier situation is how? The industry said, with a certain size of the electricity supplier to make adult supplies more profitable.Reporters on Taobao input “adult goods” keyword, search for more than 580 thousand related products. Enter the “condom” keyword can also be found, its price is far from the wholesale price is cheaper, but compared to the physical store, some of the electricity supplier in order to attract customers, are generally “bought” activities, and the price was much cheaper. Like 66 condoms, a home appliance brand price of 39.9 yuan, monthly sales reached more than 59000 pens, do not worry about selling. Prices for men’s topical sprays also range from $30 to $150.Reporters learned from Taobao, Taobao every year to buy interest in the number of products to more than 50% growth rate. Last year, the number of people buying sex goods at Taobao was close to 20 million, 4.6 times what it was in 2010. Seven of consumers became male and 80% of women sold. The main consumer is young adults, especially men. Among them, 18 to 29 years old buyers accounted for 65%.Good and bad customers distinguish between good and badIn a wide variety of adult products, many customers are difficult to distinguish the quality of their good or bad, most customers buy just listen to the introduction of the merchant. In a retail store, the reporter asked the boss how can verify the quality of the product, the boss said: “we are regular factory into the goods, the quality is absolutely guaranteed, something good, so good as we all know, not good use will not introduce to you.”In the online sales of some good shops, the reporter found that some buyers message said, “product quality in general”, “used as if not genuine” and so on, such comments are not in the minority. Businesses tend to insist: “we have regular channels for product purchases.”.” And network business whether to sell relevant product qualification, but it is difficult to verify.An insider broke the news that these wholesale prices in the market around 50 yuan of adult supplies, factory prices are mostly around 20 yuan, while the industrial cost is 10 yuan up and down. And 10 yuan manufacturing costs and 30 yuan of manufacturing costs will be reflected in raw materials, * * * raw materials often occur heavy metals exceeded the standard, the human body harm. Reporter Wen Chuanbin Brand Bikini 2017 brazilian bikini women sexy beach swimwear swimsuit women swimwear

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