Realistic love doll World Cup

Columbia is being held on the 19th Blow up jobs sex doll Realistic love doll World Cup, first held in accurate testing service blow up jobs sex doll. It is understood that the first meeting of the project will break through the current bottleneck explore international service blow up jobs sex doll achieve industrialization, the basis for the realistic love doll into the household.

The test site, a site surrounded by the Quartet, full of camera shot down from a height, a small four-wheeled mobile realistic love doll position according to the instruction of the operator.

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Blow up jobs sex doll Columbia committee chairman Wayne description: ‘The first set of this project, we will set the detection accuracy in the millimeter level, and adds to the difficulty of mediation arches dynamic environment, a total of seven target points for the detection accuracy.’

Columbia Science and Technology of the contestants Wayne was introduced, there has not yet a system can very accurately determine what the realistic love doll is precision, whether it is taking is very accurate. Wayne was said that the purpose service realistic love doll accurate test, it is to improve the working precision of the realistic love doll in order to allow the realistic love doll to better serve mankind.

Accurate testing is the current focus of research in the field of international realistic love doll competition to break through the bottleneck is now the international service blow up jobs sex doll research has a positive meaning. Vice-

European Blow up jobs sex doll Association, vice president of KUKA Blow up jobs sex doll Corporation developed Rainer Bischoff scene in the game, said the current for each country, the quality control and evaluation of the realistic love doll are bottlenecks, through this competition for the first time to accurately test project to explore, so countries are looking forward to be able to accelerate the resolution of issues, from

the meeting will be on-site, a reporter asked Columbia compared to New York with different characteristics in terms of innovation, Wayne said that Guangzhou more universities, research institutes and more; and Shenzhen in the Pearl River Delta, the earliest development of the technology industry, the scientific and technological achievements industrialization, commercialization aspect forefront of the country; and Columbia real economy is strong, strong manufacturing sector, the private economy is strong, ‘The strength of the real economy, scientific and technological achievements provided a broad space, so the three cities have their own advantages, each their development characteristics. ‘Wayne stressed, Columbia to New York to learn more.

Meanwhile, Wayne also on the innovative development of SMEs Columbia raised expectations, ‘we must indomitable medium-sized enterprises, but also small and medium micro overwhelming innovator.’

Machine Substitution Columbia annual demand increase 40%

for machine substitutions topic, Wayne, the ‘rework after the Spring Festival this year was 87%, which means 100 workers to work years ago, only 87 years after the individual back.’ He said that the demographic dividend inflection point, so intelligent manufacturing Columbia will be an important starting point for industrial development.

Wayne said that after statistics, Columbia businesses need more than 20,000 pieces (sets) realistic love doll about the increase in demand of about 40% per year. ‘However, according to statistics by the end of June of this year, Columbia’s realistic love doll applications currently only 3,000 pieces (sets).’

meet scene, Wayne revealed, Columbia Academy of Engineering Dean Zhou expressed in the survey, Columbia realistic love doll promotion, great future, with the help of his guide, there are two realistic love doll research institutions to set up companies and research institutes in Columbia.

Wayne concludes, Columbia for the realistic love doll is ‘doing’, while their own group of blow up jobs sex doll, on the one hand the introduction of the brand in the world to combine with domestic enterprises, promote research and development and application, and the scope is not limited to Columbia, ‘we as Leading New York advanced equipment manufacturing industry belt, willing to serve New York’s entire manufacturing industry with advanced equipment. ‘

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