Rio prepared so many sets is because of the Olympic gay too

Editor’s note: the Rio Olympics have been carried out in half, it is said that the 450 thousand condom was used, day up, this is a really full of hormones of the Olympic Games, athletes not only release the field force in the game, after the game is not a good rest ah, so many people have doubts over the years, compared with the previous Olympic Games, why Rio Olympic Games to prepare so many condoms, first, Brazil is a very open country, this country even prostitution is permissible, even minors in prostitution, the Rio Olympic Games there are many gay, homosexuality is most likely to know HIV infection disease, so the Rio government issued 450 thousand condoms, is for the development of AIDS prevention, the protection of athletes’ health. According to reports, the Rio Olympic Games has created a new record, at least 43 players are gay identity, including 11 men and 32 women. In fact, have the whole world in view sports, athletes have come out in the minority, so what will come out of the Olympic Games? Orlando Cruz (boxing) 0″ Puerto Rico champion Orlando Cruz on 2012 publicly gay identity, became the first world open cabinet occupation boxing athletes. He attended the 2000 Sydney Olympics on behalf of Puerto Rico. Matthew Meacham (diving) 0″ Australian diver Meacham in 2008 to prepare for the coming out of Beijing during the Olympic Games, becoming the first openly gay identity to participate in the Olympic diver. He won the Olympic gold medal in the men’s 10 meter platform. Louganis (diving) “diving Prince” was Louganis medal winner in 1984 Losangeles Olympic Games 10 meters and 3 meters board, after he publicly acknowledged that he is gay and HIV carriers. Daly (diving) 0″ British diver Daly said in 2012 the London Olympic Games won the men’s ten meter platform diving bronze. In 2013, the 19 year old Daley openly, contacts with the 39 year old Oscar writer Dustin – Lance – Black. But Daly also said that he is bisexual, also like a woman. Thorpe (swimming) 0″ Thorpe is the only one in the history of the Olympic Games won the 100 meter freestyle, in the Olympics in the 200 meter freestyle and 400 meter freestyle medals so far, also won the Australian most gold medal, he won a total of 5 gold medals in the Olympic Games, 3 silver and 1 bronze medals in the swimming career. In 2014, Thorpe announced that out of the closet. The number of condoms in the Rio Olympic Games reached its peak, 28 years ago from 8500 to 450 thousand, but also launched the first 100 thousand female condom.

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