Sanya remediation efforts Adult supplies store unlicensed chaos

Editor’s note: the Chinese Xiaobian that city should learn from Sanya good, now a lot of Adult supplies stores are unlicensed, harm the interests of consumers, should intensify efforts to combat these unscrupulous traders! In order to rectify and regulate the market for adult supplies in Sanya, to protect the masses of food and drug safety, Sanya food and drug administration to carry out the day before the sale of food, medicines, medical equipment special rectification. In July 25th, the South China Sea network reporter learned that the rectification inspection Adult supplies 19 stores, there are no record management, no cable card tickets and products of unknown origin and other issues, law enforcement officers on the spot ordered its rectification. Nanhai network reporter learned that the Sanya Municipal Food and Drug Administration in the Adult supplies store area in the early Mopai, basic grasp of basic quantity of Sanya Adult supplies store, on the day before to conduct a comprehensive inspection of each Adult supplies store. “If we focus on examination of Adult supplies store the existence of unlicensed food and drug, did not record the operation of condoms and pregnancy test two types of medical equipment, not recordrope ticket business from unknown sources, false propaganda products, counterfeit operation number, and no Chinese exaggerated label products etc..” Sanya city food and drug administration official told reporters that during the inspection of law enforcement personnel to the operator service and read the “Adult supplies store compliance notice”, emphasizes the legal liability of the illegal operation, the signing of “Adult supplies store law-abiding business undertaking”, and the scene to guide the operator to carry out self-examination and rectification. It is reported that this special rectification of adult supplies shop 19, ordered to correct 19. Inspection found that the existence of the adult supplies stores are not record business condoms, and the issue of non cable card tickets and business products from unknown sources, law enforcement officers on the spot to be ordered to correct. The next step will be to continue remediation, the adult store to carry out regular follow-up checks to further regulate the Sanya adult products market.

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