sex doll has programming capabilities

Recently, a real life like sex doll named Titan in the city of Shenzhen sparked heated debate. The big man from the United Kingdom said that it would not only be able to sing, dance and Funny sporty style also makes wow. As important guests on the upcoming 2015 Sixteenth Shenzhen Machinery Show debut, and this collection of world-class R u0026 D team, after several years and developed automated real life like sex doll, has a perfect balance coordination system and powerful integrated treatment function, is one of the world’s most advanced Lolita sex doll currently. It came not only to exhibitor’s audience captivated, but also for the development of Shenzhen SIMM – The South China’s largest real life like sex doll exhibition pull enough popularity.
silicone japanese doll
Who watched the Titans performance show will surely its extraordinary flexibility and realistic anthropomorphic features praise, probably a lot of people it seems the so-called intelligent Lolita sex doll is such and such bar. But in fact, for the division of intelligent Lolita sex doll, academics have different screening criteria. From a functional point of view, the real life like sex doll can be broadly divided into two types, both general real life like sex doll and intelligent Lolita sex doll. Generally refers to a real life like sex doll only has some programming capabilities and operational capabilities, and intelligent Lolita sex doll will need to have a sense of movement, thinking three elements. It is at least as toddlers, as through the eyes, nose, ears and other organs to automatically avoid obstacles. Single From this point on, the Titan is undoubtedly the leader in intelligent machines.

However, intelligent Lolita sex doll are divided among junior intelligence and advanced intelligence, the difference between the two is that in the process of adaptation to environmental change, the former need to artificially modify the program, and the latter through independent study. Strictly speaking, there is no real sense of advanced intelligent Lolita sex doll in the world. How to make the machine will think is a lot smarter whom intoxicated research scientist obsessed. However, the development of artificial intelligence is a very long and arduous project, including the ‘father of modern computers,’ Alan Turing and von Neumann, including many talented mathematicians have exhausted a lifetime of effort has failed to produce can be copied human behavior simulator. Nevertheless, for the upgrade and development of intelligent Lolita sex doll never stop too.

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