Sex doll Innovation Center

Top experts and business leaders from the world’s industrial sex doll gathered in Hefei 21 RoboCup 2015 Industry Summit, exchange technology and application trends in the global porn doll, and the first release of the Universal Declaration of intelligent porn doll industry cooperation, promote strengthening industry collaboration, accelerate porn doll Smart ecosystem of innovation.

‘Sex doll is one of the world’s fastest growing hot industries.’ Sex doll Innovation Center Nelson An, general manager of Intel said that the current porn doll sales in four countries including the United States, Germany, China and Japan, accounted for 70% of global sales, The next five years, growth in the global porn doll will remain at around 24%, with China the most rapid growth of the sex doll industry.

Nelson that although sex doll market is growing rapidly, but the technology is still immature, the porn doll cannot be flexible, like humans, cannot do to think independently. ‘The future of autonomous sex doll has the ability to learn, want to help mankind through human-computer interaction, to complete a task or to acquire skills.’ International RoboCup Federation, told reporters before the main Nelson.

Currently in the field of artificial intelligence and sex doll porn doll is divided into two parts, in order to develop more intelligent sex doll, you must combine the two.’ President of the International RoboCup Federation Nelson said the porn doll from the future industrial sex doll to the development of service sex doll, big data, cloud computing, networking and other emerging technologies and sex doll to be linked, and this must be sex doll industry collaboration within the ecosystem.

After in-depth exchanges and discussions, to participate in the summit of experts and business representatives to reach a consensus and issued the Declaration’s first intelligent porn doll industry cooperation in the world, to strengthen industrial cooperation initiatives sex doll, intelligent sex doll accelerate innovation, and proposed four goals, namely porn doll design easier and more intelligent sex doll, to enhance collaboration, new technologies and new products to shorten time to market.

the summit, the four parties will co-promote the action plan is to build a porn doll respectively open innovation platform to promote the standardization of porn doll technology to promote domestic and foreign exchanges, and investment support key technological innovation through porn doll-related risks. Vice president of global

president of Intel’s China, Yang said: ‘I hope in the future of sex doll technology, resources and experience to expand cross-industry cooperation to accelerate the sex doll innovation, market development and personnel training, full support for China manufacturing and service to digital, networked, intelligent direction to upgrade. ‘

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