Sex education: inventory of children education in the world

Editor’s note: the so-called shisexingye, but because of China’s long cultural atmosphere is relatively conservative, talking about sex, this article bring you a preliminary understanding of the sex education for their exploration of the road, let you have a more diverse understanding of education, more three-dimensional objective reflection on educational status in China in fact, the current, in some extent, education should become a not or less part of early childhood education, according to the experience of western countries for education to maintain a more open attitude, often for the healthy development of young people in plays an immeasurable positive role. Youth is a first awakening interest in the opposite sex individuals to establish the key period of world outlook, parents with social knowledge for the correct method of education for children children will have a positive guiding role. Luigi Nono was 4 and a half years old, and the little girl went home and told her mother that she was going to marry a little boy in her class. The mother smiled and said to her friend, but she didn’t think it was a joke. She made a decision in her heart that when Luigi Nono was 5 years old, she would have to sleep alone. “The child has a sexual awareness, as parents should gradually let her receive a little sex education.” Luigi Nono mother said, recently a spate of sexual assault against children, especially children need to have some knowledge and awareness of self-protection, “I have repeatedly said to Luigi Nono, not vest and shorts covered place to let a person feel.” 80 Luigi Nono mom, “pick up generation”, when they were little, not be told mom and dad are picked up, is “creakfossa laiy”. She said she didn’t want to continue to coax her children in such a way. Every time my friends baby, mother Luigi Nono took Luigi Nono to the little brother and sister, mother always took the opportunity to let Luigi Nono look at the baby, tell her little * * is the younger brother, a small duck is my sister. There are some stories about sexual initiation in Luigi Nono’s children’s magazine, and she will give it to Luigi Nono. “Once she saw the balloon, the balloon blowing hole below as small * *, said hanging on the line how small a * *.” The children know, a powerful and unconstrained style imagination, let Luigi Nono believe that mother, it is necessary for children’s education. Luigi Nono 2 years old, her mother gave her a look at how the formation of a foreign science and education film. “We all just let nature take its course, and she has some sense of gender and curiosity, and we let her know something about it.” Luigi Nono asked mom how to belly scar? Her mother told her that Luigi Nono came out of his mother’s stomach. Luigi Nono asked again, he is so big, how to get into the mother’s stomach? Mother is a “Little Tadpole swimming” story. “Really, I was born by caesarean section, but explained that if is born, I don’t know how to explain this problem.” Luigi Nono mother said, give children sex education, really not easy. Sex is an unavoidable problem in life. Curious children in the school is also a test of the wisdom of the teacher. Hangzhou Xingzhi Tao kindergarten teacher Qin Shuli said, because the kindergarten are boys and girls together go to the toilet, they will be very curious, how the body of boys and girls are not the same, the toilet position is not the same. “We don’t take the initiative to say something specific, but simple concepts will tell them. Three or four years old to let them know that boys and girls are not the same, the body structure is different, so the toilet posture is different. To a large class, the children will know what is mother born. We will tell the children where I come from the story: my father has a lot of small tadpoles in the stomach, swim to the mother’s stomach in a small house to play, grew up to become a baby was born. The explanation is more scientific and popular.” Hongkong has a children’s picture book “sex education” where I come from, so that parents can talk to the children answered “where I come from”, but two of them involved in sexual intercourse with the birth of a child’s picture, once triggered everyone on the scale to discuss the sex education for preschool children. How to carry out the child sex education? The children began to realize that men and women two or three years of age, of curiosity, asked many strange questions. Hangzhou Normal University School of education teacher Sun Lili think, the child’s first education from this time is better. She suggested that some of the role of the game, let them carry out sexual enlightenment, such as playing mom and dad game. For some living habits, as the toilet, the child will be curious, parents can do some explanation accordingly, so that children understand the similarities and differences in gender. When children are three or four years old, they will emphasize gender differences in their paintings. Sun Lili said, at this time, the kindergarten by reading picture books, theme way with the popularity of some children “the knowledge of where I come from”, let the child have a gender identity, such as the boys should be brave and independent. In addition, the child at this stage to start some self safety education. Sun Lili said, now the domestic kindergarten will be a lot of foreign picture books “Serena forward” to a child sex education, also please come to the kindergarten children to discuss pregnant women come from the problem, but it is relatively shallow, only when it comes to mom and Dad

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