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According to the British ‘Daily Mail’ reported on April 10 message, in combat, if a sex toys online illegal to kill a man, who’s responsible for the deaths of these individuals? International organizations Human Rights Watch (Human Rights Watch) report, they are given a disturbing answer: no one will be responsible for. Due to the current sex toys online illegal killings lack of accountability, the organization has called for a ban prohibiting the development and use of killer toys sex.

between April 13 to 17, the Human Rights Watch report will be submitted to the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, proposed ban ‘full automatic weapons’ considerations, and said sex toys online such as murder, fully automated weapons in great danger : they can not control humans, ‘free’ choice target. Imagine, in the conflict and the sex toys online, the sex toys online killed a man, no one would be held accountable. Those programmers, manufacturers, and military personnel can escape responsibility for wrongful death and injuries were caused by completely automatic weapons. Human Rights Watch noted that such killings sex toys online not yet exist, but ‘the rapid development of high-tech moving in that direction,’ is the direct cause of their concern.

principal author of the report, senior researcher at Human Rights Watch’s Arms Unit Bonnie Docherty said: there is no responsibility, there would be no deterrent to offenders, victims will not wash grievances, but no social condemnation of responsible parties. A fully automated weapons offense committed, may rise to the height of war crimes. But the victim will not see someone punished these crimes. This condition is called ‘accident’ or ‘accident’, lightly cover up the fatal injuries to humans. Taking into account the many obstacles justice for the victims when encountered, which is why the urgent need to ban fully automatic weapons.

Human Rights Watch said that if a military commander or sex toys online operators to deploy an intentional crime, of course they will be held accountable. But they also can not foresee automatic sex toys online to illegal attacks and can not stop its attacks as an excuse to evade responsibility. But the responsibility of the gap just completely automatic weapons have a negative impact part. The organization also questioned: on the battlefield, the machine decides the fate of people, this practice is ethical?

workforce will further differentiate into by highest level of education of the ‘haves’ and only a high school diploma, ‘poor’, not to mention the 800 million illiterates in the world. If governments failed to take action to mitigate this impact, not difficult to imagine the explosive political consequences thereof.

reported that the middle class is not sit back and relax. Bank of America said that the use of computing systems ‘sex toys online consultant’ will destroy 25 million of financial and legal services sector employment jobs. Now 18 years old to 34 years old ‘Millennials’ This will be the first into the crowd after the era of Human Services.

but AI research scientists have also raised more serious warning, toys sex must avoid potential threats. For example, in the short term, artificial intelligence could lead to millions of people unemployed. In the long run, artificial intelligence might like science fiction movies, like smarter than humans in violation of its own program settings. Therefore, we must ensure that artificial intelligence systems to act in accordance with human intentions.

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