ShowGirl Confessions:baretheir hormones in the flood (Figure)

Chinajoy full name of ‘China Digital Entertainment Expo \ Conference’,China’s largest interactive entertainment exhibition,this is a game with the theme of the exhibition game,butoften become Showgirl fighting show. Each game exhibitor stage,areactive in dozens Showgirl. When lit choreography,all the girls would come up signs smile, show the most graceful posture, or cute, or charm. I am afraid that everyone’s hard not to linger,or watch,or come up with the camera pictures,and even walked manipulation.Pavilion,pavilion has Showgirl platform is undoubtedly the most turbulent lots of people.

Showgirl glamorous behind,but also filled with a lot of misunderstanding and frustration.Especially after the events of this year’s Chinajoy lecture entitled ‘yacht door’broke,a lot of the media industry,including users of the Showgirl impression also focused on the ‘promiscuous’,’circle game Hainan Rendez-Vous’,’peripheral’and other words on .

outside Chinajoy exhibition shocking ‘yacht door’

8 May 4,after the end of the day Chinajoy,someone in the microbloggingmessage said 2014Chinajoy burst out,’yacht door’,and released a few photos Madden. In the burstof the photo,wearing a sexy bikini Showgirl who,on a yacht in close interaction with the men who play the game,not only relay princess hold,there bikini dance veneer, bold action.

Then August 8 microbloggingsignature’Lin magnesium hope,’ the woman said they both Showgirl in one night, and that the so-called ‘yacht door’ is not promiscuous party, denied betraying yourself. Lin Xi magnesium released microblogging ‘Hello everyone, I on behalf of all the participants of the Shanghai Yacht Party Showgirl solemnly declare that this is just a game player activity, is not what you call’ yacht door ‘, we also did not make any betray the bottom line thing. We are also their own hands to make money,is it also wrong it? Showgirl is a very hard job,please us more respect and less misunderstanding,thank you.’Lin magnesium hope to come forward to clarifythe post also triggered a lot of friends for her ‘Search.’

This makes the whole situation was reversed,that at the time condemned the girl to come forward blessing in disguise,gained new opportunities.Because magnesium Lin Xi dare to come forward in this event,for the media to clarify the matter of courage,so event organizers quickly with apple assistant,decided to issue an annual salary of $500,000 job offer to her,inviting her to become faster mobile game players call with Apple’s chief assistant.

Recently,the ‘yacht door’finally get to the bottom of things,is fast with the hype of Apple assistant advertising companies,intended to launch beauty customer service.Although the whole incident was a public uproar from the public farce, but for the entire industry, the impact should not be underestimated Showgirl. Showgirl doubt on the right before the public,this becomes more firmly Showgirl is a ‘bad’idea groups.Bold dress and bare speculation,so that the entire Internet is full of rampant hormones.FurthermoreShowgirl ambiguous economic initiative to meet needs, but also so sexy and erotic distance step away.

Chinajoy or ‘split bra’?

10 cm high heels stepping on, wearing short shorts or skirts to the limit, in the face Changqiangduanbao and flash, they once again posing, smiling once again, selling Meng, play grimace. Some say they are landscapes,people denounced their vase;people willing to enjoy their glamorous,but also keen to talk to their non-gossip;they frequently been regarded as a ‘goddess’,and have often been the ‘periphery’,’Green Tea ‘and other strange words together.Their work is essentially nothing more than a show model,and yet some subtle differences with the model in the true sense.Western and people began to use a ‘foreign name’to refer to them:Showgirl.

have Showgirl booth overcrowding,walking step was hard,look at a large number of players active in the pseudo-sister,sister of the photographer to shoot,and the players really rare. Chinajoythis online game themed show,has already blurred the original concept,thenetwork called it the ‘demolition bra.’ In which the body,you can notbe this carnival feast and ‘China International Digital Entertainment Expo \ Conference’ together.

Most people go to the site in addition to game industry professionals and players,there are a group of human love photography,hand-held ‘spear guns’photography enthusiasts.

Throughout the years Chinajoy Show,Showgirl has been marked with beauty,Breast,Bottom,leggy label,Cosplay show itself looks as if there is less than journalistic.In the show,the game makers at the Showgirl put to bed,make sultry pose,sex dolls and even put together Showgirl.According to the game makers revealed that in fact the election year manufacturer finished Showgirl and Coser (Cosplay actor),they all need to dress and performances to the organizing committee filing,the committee will make a lot of claims,’is nothing more than the clothing scale and on the performance scale.’

game makers on Chinajoy,no longer pay attention to the game product promotion and communication,but the competition who stand popularity more prosperous,more eye-catching,in countless house men and women of God brought to the stage,but also widely reported by the media,from the price list to unsightly photos.They are a symbol of the whole,to be materialized,as if everyone is for the money and fame can sell your soul in the flesh.


In the city of steel and concrete jungle,some people lonely emptiness,some people struggled upward.Brokers,beauty,otaku,exhibitors,the media constitute under the bright and flashy,staged not seen you Chinajoy.

Showgirl are what kind of girl?They thinking? What do they want?Chong gaming network linked to several Showgirl,trying on their interviews,restore a real, not known Showgirl image.

‘Queen of Pain’Guoting Yu |’If enough players to respect the Showgirl’

This summername is accompanied by the ‘Queen of Pain’ appear together. Virtual world,she gives the impression of indifference and sinister,havecut there is an outbreak,but when the ‘Queen of Pain’into reality,what we see is a ‘ground gaschild,’ the girl.

Three years ago,Guoting Yu had just graduated from high school,she was going to do an independent character of some of their favorite things,and thus began to enter the COS community.Even if it is of interesthave strict requirements on their own,for every shape are striving for perfection,between three years and fame.

filed his first time when feelings Showgirl said:. ‘We feel that they began to be concerned about,and know how to make money is not easy,and better able to appreciate the hard work of parents,’because one day want to wear high heels Showgirl Standing on the stand,but also to maintain the best condition,sometimes shot flash will shed tears for a long time,it is not easy.

ShowGirl Confessions:baretheir hormones in the flood(Figure)

Guoting Yu likes to be concerned about the people prefer to live in freedom

Guoting Yu is not complacent girl,a few years,a lot of talent to participate in the game,get a lot easier,but these for her,but on their own and try a challenge.This summeralso officially graduated college,pick up some endorsements,take some plane can also have a certain income,no pressure at home,parents are loved,so do not hurry to find work.Of course,the most important reason is that such work Guoting Yu was like,’I like to be everyone’s attention,’ Guoting Yu says.

There has never been a lack of beauty industry dispute,a model also has several years of deep changes in the past few years .’I do not know the yacht began to door,have not been to Sanya,even work,so I would not take work.If the value for the money to go to the expense of their own stuff,not worth.’Guoting Yu said it was question of values.’Of course,some are known to be deliberately emptied Showgirl let photographers shoot,or take the initiative to let the boys Xiongxi to hype ……but the annual speculation to speculation speculation points are the same,very boring.’

For some of the player’s behavior,her Showgirl hope that we can have respect for those touched by many people deliberately pseudo thigh Showgirl players can less and less.

ShowGirl Confessions:bare their hormones in the flood (Figure)

travel,fitness,playing games is Guoting Yu everyday biggest hobby

Tao Hang peaches |’do not seek wealth and status,but only self-sufficiency’

2009 Two years Chinajoy Showgirl peach and hairy,they wear white black dress to wear glasses,netizens nicknamed them ‘little secretary Love Day,’even after Chinajoy ended,their brilliance still shine on the network of for a long time.Then they became the Reds game industry,do endorsements photo shoot,also participated in the subsequent two Chinajoy.This year’s Chinajoy,’little secretary’has emerged,but only one person peach.

Tao Heng,nicknamed ‘Peaches,’she readily personality outset about tooth pain,and soon opened the Round Table.Outside curious why ‘Love Day little secretary’in the fire when it retired from peaches say it all for her mother.’I graduated in 2009,went auspicious Airlines flight attendants do,all behind a small publicity secretary did not continue.In fact,I do not like the flight attendants in the industry,but my mother wanted me to do,in order to comfort her,I can only go up.But then Mom thinks I’m not happy,and not reluctantly me.’

ShowGirl Confessions:bare their hormones in the flood (Figure)

sweeping into easy,but not everyone can do Jiliuyongtui

Peaches is a very family values ​​person,flight attendant profession and no stranger seems so good,not only hard but also did not own time.’Flight attendants work is non-human,when a man with a woman,but the family did not care,did not care a friend,and could not be more in love.’So for a year and a half,peaches decided to resign.Peaches now engaged in related work Hold’em athletic competition,though also very busy job very hard,but it is like a peach.

Peaches Chinajoy be regulars,and from 2009 onwards have participated each year.Speaking of this year to participate Chinajoy feelings,peaches frankly Showgirl an increasingly early age,and there are a lot of 96,97 years girl.But she did not feel like there is no advantage,but one kind of feeling wells predecessors.’Young Showgirl might see seniors stood on the stage,there is a sense of security.There are a lot of black brokers,the nature of work is also not as simplistic before.’

‘cheated too much!brokerage company claims to take Showgirl publicity photo shoot of the film,in fact,to collect the money.Data charges ranging from 2,3 one thousand to more than a million,but last only for a day 2,300 jobs.’After the peaches to us about her personal experience,one to clarify for himself,the other two are cautioned Showgirl,do not easily trust others.

‘I’ve got a big brand endorsement work,high wages,great reputation.test equipment,hold \ busy for quite a while,the day before the shooting,brokerage firms,and proposed to the brand owner to eat,I did not think went.After the discovery went wrong,and the only brokerage firm boss,while the brokerage firm who is an excuse to go out.Then the boss took me to visit his private club,but I know that is not right,hard to say go went home after home two hours received a telephone brokerage firm,said spokesperson temporarily changed.’

After this,eat a peach also considered cutting wisdom,but she also glad that they will eventually be lucky.So for the recent disclosure of the various ‘gates’various ‘lie’,peaches warned we must be careful not to go to such a dangerous place.For well-known in this way,it is not acceptable peaches.’This drug known what is the difference?’

Showgirl often receive a variety of invitation ‘lie’,and some say the best dress to send Self artifact,some say there is the opportunity to speak for games,etc.,’naive,beautiful is not the end,the key is you are willing to give.”I have warned many Showgirl,but some girls just do not hit the brick wall does not look back,only they eat the loss,also cried for regret.’

Outside of work,is full of peach house women than go out to play she prefers to stay at home,do the cooking,and the dog together,it was the most relaxing moments peaches.

Peaches said:.’Now I’m going to do the work of two or three years,and then open your own shop,when the boss does not seek wealth and status,but only self-sufficiency’

ShowGirl Confessions:bare their hormones in the flood (Figure)

than go out to play she prefers to stay at home,do the cooking,and the dog together,it was the most relaxing moments peaches.

Liang Yi heart |’faith is one of the greatest cards’

Liang Yi heart of the micro-letter word in the name has a Buddha,Buddhist and asked her to know.Liang Yi heart is not just a Showgirl,she was an actress.For a girl living under the flash,it can maintain such a calm rare.

Showgirl arts center for the beam,it is still a relatively new thing,although he was an actor,but this is her first time to participate in Chinajoy,the first to do Showgirl.’I did not order Showgirl famous,not so many fans,do not like the hype.’

Beam arts university in the heart of South Korea,last year leave of absence to return home filming.Just crank up the end of July,we thought the interview and see.But is this the first interview Showgirl,Liang Yi heart also,and public relations company who had a falling out,but in the end not only the election was also the main push to bury the hatchet.’I think I’m lucky,needle in a haystack type of investment resume was a film crew doing fancy Bingbing substitute.Later they shoot the film and a few special characters,scenes,although not much,but it feels and cooperation is still too big stick up!’

ShowGirl Confessions:bare their hormones in the flood (Figure)

optimistic,positive,upward,is the first impression gives Liang Yi heart

Liang Yi heart,said:’actor and Showgirl there are many similarities,such as waiting to do Showgirl daily show time is not a lot,most of the time is waiting for filming too,because I was a small actor,so almost every day…is a good makeup in the field waiting,sometimes to wait days.’

Speaking of which,Liang Yi heart also ‘show’their legs insect bites big bag.’This is the result of last year filming in Hengdian,I po a few to microblogging,fans will soon have sent me the medicine,very proud to say that.’

mentioned Showgirl impressive thing to do,Liang Yi heart that had never seen so many people mad rush periphery.Sometimes she is more playfully,see other little sisters took it around the heart,but the surface is still very cold.

‘Many people do not understand this line to demonize us,and most of the unspoken rules say I have never encountered before.I think that faith is one of the greatest cards.I just go step by step on their own,riding practical field walking slowly progressive.’

ShowGirl Confessions:bare their hormones in the flood (Figure)

Although many works have been played,but Liang Yi heart felt even harder job

Luo Jun |’enjoyment has become the focus of feeling’

Luo Jun,school sophomore,she was just the second time in Chinajoy.Speaking of how the line,said Luo Jun coincidental understanding photographer recommendation,and then went to see the brokerage firm to issue a notice interview,did not think the first time was successful.The first interview was very nervous,a lot of girls go to the interview,but also worried that they will be brushed off.’But this year was much better,more confident,be considered to have some of the experience.’

Luo Jun enjoyed the limelight of the feeling,but some people do not respect or some angry.’A lot of people around to be photographed is a feeling of happiness.I hope you understand me,I hope you can take my beautiful face,but not in some means mediocre.’

ShowGirl Confessions:bare their hormones in the flood (Figure)

Luo Jun said that when showgirl enjoyed the limelight feel

Although the girl was 95 years,Luo Jun for their future career development has a clear plan..’I hope to be able to develop the entertainment,so this is going to take years to accumulate experience every shot I will be very careful,because every time a great learning opportunity,’the main push Chinajoy booth also targets Luo Jun,she said:’This classification is an incentive for the Showgirl,but more should be flat mentality.’

mentioned her boyfriend,Luo Jun said he was very supportive of his work,those bad rumor does not affect the two feelings,’He trusted me,I hope I can protect myself.’

spare time,Luo Jun and ordinary girl,like shopping and watching movies listening to music,but also more actively Chinajoy ready for next year.

ShowGirl Confessions:bare their hormones in the flood (Figure)

this interview,Luo Jun is the youngest one,but for the future,has a clear intention


Sometimes people tend to be blinded by the appearance of things,a photo,an event,once the hype,most people forget that this is essentially a gathering of players about the game,not the Rendez-Vous.

We always see them spirited,I saw them in high spirits,the combination of the audience’s attention,in the limelight.But at the venue to see more high-heeled shoes are worn heels,eating lunch together in the rest channel and staff ……found to get around the kind of vendors they look happy,but also just an ordinary girl.


work,they replaced the clothing,unloaded the heels on the road laughing,talking about what to eat at night,but also find a job just Showgirl.Leaving the work place,and we,too,lol,blubber,talk about some everyday thing.

ShowGirl Confessions:bare their hormones in the flood (Figure)

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