Small adult exhibition smell business opportunities, operating supplies, money, light road

Abstract: from more than 40 square meters of street shops to nearly 200 square meters of wholesale supermarkets, from retail wholesale development to exclusive agents, independent research and development, Wang Hao (pseudonym) adult supplies business bigger and bigger. Who would have thought before, the founder of a biotechnology limited company is to be a chef… Wang Hao looked at his shop, see the “sex” money scene”. from the more than 40 square meters of street shops to nearly 200 square meters of wholesale supermarket, from the wholesale and retail development to the exclusive agent, independent research and development, Wang Hao (a pseudonym) of the Adult supplies business bigger and bigger. Who would have thought before, the founder of a bio tech company also worked as a cook, “I did intermediary, this way can be said to be ‘happiness’, the first is the food and clothing, after the home, now is happy.” Wang Hao summed up his 16 years of career”. Quit “a secure job” thanks to the teacher from the stove one day 16 years ago, Nankai District peach and Plum Garden Restaurant Houchu be in full swing “Wang Hao, as in the past, some people walk today, you dry pier workers.” Tianjin chef Zhang Shangzhi Shisheng shouting sound in the pots and pans to his disciples arrangements. The apprentice, 20 year old Wang Hao is a worker in Tianjin steel wire rope factory, take the initiative to throw the state-owned enterprises “a secure job” was regarded by many as a “madman”, “that when they think it is not the life I want, maybe it is difficult to have a very stable development.” Today, Wang Hao explained what had to resign is still very relaxed. The 20 year old began to learn to cook, “joked Wang Hao carefully pondering the slow need to start early.” master quickly after every act and every move, qinxuekulian, from the pier to cooking, from the point to the cold, “like the tour, who I work for who.” Two years later, Wang Hao, who was a stranger, boldly opened a restaurant of his own near the salt bridge. “Two single rooms, five or six tables, no small shops, some rice, I absolutely don’t have a seat.”!” By virtue of the famous monasteries around, good dishes taste know, “I am the master when the wage of more than 8000, super chef.” Of course, behind the expected good reputation, is contrary to expectation of hard work, “we have to get up at half past four in the morning to buy food, have been busy at ten p.m., it was lucky, because some of the guests to drink eleven to two points, we can not bang people. You can’t sleep for six hours.” But the good times don’t last long, “SARS” epidemic makes the shop worse every day, plus the landlord rising rents, let this represents Wang Hao small restaurants closed heart. Intermediary diverted 8 stores more than 160 employees in the beginning of 2004, Tianjin hot real estate market, an “up” sound, although the high rent is one of the important reasons for the closure of the restaurant, but it also let Wang Hao saw another opportunity – intermediary. Just off the apron, put down a Wang Hao for real estate intermediary “was kept in the dark, even what is the name of the southern and Northern Dynasties do not know, I have to buy a house as an excuse, to steal various intermediary.” What is partial, single, what kind of house is good, how much is the price of each lot?…… Not long after, Wang Hao used the restaurant to accumulate more than 100000 dollars on their first real estate intermediary — “my letter states, occupation span is relatively large, which do not get what.” Wang Hao smiled and told reporters. Started only six or seven employees, through friends houses slowly started, “was a good time to catch up, a price slightly better house, less than four hours will be sold, many people took the money to buy a house.” The bigger the Xinbang trees, many other intermediary old employees under the cast, their houses, experience into power Xinbang development, a snowball effect a get out of hand, “a store every month intermediary fees are more than one hundred thousand, you can open a shop one or two June, most of the time we have 8 stores, each store of 150 square meters, more than 20 employees.” About the success of their looks, laughing Wang Hao very seriously to reporter analysis, “big intermediary platform, big houses, but we are the advantages of flexible system, high commission, some of them can not give preferential policies we can give, in that they sell Suites earn two thousand, in which I can rise double.” Wang Hao tasted the sweetness of then and others formed dragon intermediary, “the letter states are not the same, we each shop is an individual, a Sharing of Housing Information a business platform, this model is more flexible to development.” It is hard to imagine a chef can make the analysis closely reasoned and well argued. The beginning of 2012, the state has the restriction limited credit policy, the real estate market to shrink, savvy Wang Hao see which clues decisive hand, “the store changed hands, waiting for the time to recuperate.” Benefit from the Expo smell Adult supplies a chance to travel business opportunities, provide another opportunity for the restless Wang Hao. “In the spring of 2012, I was just bored with my friends and went on a trip to Shanghai. I was catching up with” Shanghai China Adult Products Exhibition “. It was totally directed at” popular Japanese movie actress “at the time. Ha ha ha.” Wang Hao smiled and told reporters about the “a”. Implicit people on the topic has always been the very nature carefully conceal mentioning, physiological needs is considered a “rogue” and “obscene” “abnormal” title, become a minefield, not more a step. “One into the exhibition hall, an eye opener.” Wang Haozheng tells the story of a positive body, then shake hand gestures, let the Adult supplies a superb collection of beautiful things on his eyes, “I only know, foreign Adult supplies has been developed maturely, as China has just started.” Fleeting “just let Wang Hao smell the business opportunities, to return to Tianjin, he opened a wildly beating gongs and drums to Adult supplies shop in Jinggangshan Road,” in the beginning is fun, now regard it as a career.” “I this round shouldered old man the first time to sell this stuff, not nervous shame impossible.” Wang Haohui sound painted the color to reporters first opened fresh in his mind, “I did not expect the first customer is a female voice, very small and I said I want to find a substitute, I took out a man want to introduce electric mold products, but more than a minute Leng don’t say it, I could feel my face was burning.” Everything is difficult at the beginning, after the first hurdle, Wang Hao slowly adapted to the new “post”, “change the idea is much better”, do not use it as an adult supplies, and as an ordinary commodity.” To Adult supplies, Wang Hao has its own understanding, it is not “abnormal”, but like a three meals a day as a “normal” demand “, it took the widowed, divorced, Empty Nester, Adult supplies can meet their basic physiological needs, and this is not a kind of food, not essential.” In Wang Hao’s eyes, this is as common as buying TV for entertainment and buying mobile phones for communications. Eat and eat are two concepts, in the eyes of Wang Hao, in addition to the basic models, there are some interesting activities, “but not good enough to eat Steamed Buns every day, like an old married couple of decades are one of the ways it is difficult to have new happiness. With interest, supplies are not the same, you can eat the ribs, eating hairtail, happiness naturally improved, and this should also be able to improve the social “harmony” index it.” With the electronic business platform turnover doubled the number of fan starting stage, the more than 40 square metres of “difficult” the store is not being recognized, not to mention the majority of ordinary people into the store, all feel shy in the shop quietly stopped to watch, a glimpse of a hurry to leave, the business is deserted, “that time just enough to maintain, no money.” Wang Hao then change strategy, the main sales platform to the network, did not think this decision for product sales blowout, online shopping is relatively strong concealment just to solve the problem of “people want to buy but feel shy to buy”. With the popularization of physical health knowledge and the opening of thinking, more and more people begin to enter the shop. Last year, Wang Hao in order to meet the business needs, rent the next store, the business area of nearly 200 square meters, business model has become the counter for the supermarket, so that customers can freely choose, to avoid the embarrassment of face to face. With high-quality products and good reputation, only six months, Wang Hao’s adult goods store bid farewell to the retail, dry wholesale, “a shop wants to develop, must be diversified.”.” Wang Hao gradually will look into the international brand, after a friend introduced last year, he won the British UK Asian brand exclusive agency, “in fact, there are many good foreign products, these excellent products to domestic, so that consumers can have more and better choices.” “Take the most basic condom, for example. You can see the packaging and quality of British products.”.” Wang Hao demonstrates a product, a novel box, and a beautiful design to journalists. If you don’t write 0.03 numbers, you can’t guess that it’s a condom, and it’s quite different from the ordinary products on the market. Have a design of the external packaging, production date, the State Food and Drug Administration approval number, after sale service telephone, there is a small plastic box, “small umbrella”, like flat jelly installed inside. “This is the gap between foreign products and domestic products, not only concerned about the product, more concerned about the user experience, packaging alone will make people feel very fashionable, very safe, very secure.”.” In addition, foreign products also pay more attention to some auxiliary functions in the basic functions, such as our lubricant, as far as possible close to body fluids, there are delays, repair, reduce pigment deposition and other functions.” In addition, because the number of disease control and organization cooperation, Wang Hao and his team insight into the development trend of Chinese AIDS, they in the second half of last year with the launch of self-test pharmaceutical test HIV and syphilis, “some people want to test and don’t want to go to the hospital, with the home can know the results. Our products have reached the world’s leading three wire standards.” On the basis of Taobao store, Wang Hao increased investment in the electronic business platform, at present, the number one shop, Jingdong and other online shop has his agent products. Wang Hao said, now, his company individual product market share has accounted for 4 percent, the monthly turnover of nearly 300 thousand yuan, than the original turnover multiplied himself to say, “there is no comparability.”

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