Small meat boys use black technology to become “Friends of women””

Editor’s note: in recent years, the development of Adult supplies industry rapidly in China, with all kinds of taste products to the manufacturer or brand sales will be too numerous to enumerate, as can be imagined Adult supplies now by many investors optimistic about. Take condoms as an example, there are many condom brands in our country, with different features, with emphasis on interest, as well as “thin” as the main highlight, while condoms with clean attention seem to be very few. The founder of the security portal Wang Haolin and Chen Hao are two 94 years of young people, during school, launched the HPV public service, women’s health towels, science, haze, hut, waste oil testing and other projects.The initial venture was nothing else, but a new condom.Small meat boys use black technology to become “Friends of women””In 2016, the security entrance was invested by 1000 surplus capital and capital investment of one million yuan. As the investor’s thousand capital partners, Yang Yaojun was touched by the two young men’s “first thoughts” and “intentions”.They are fully investigated in the market, Okamoto, Durex condom and so on noble brands, that really consider from the angle of women condom brand long-term absence. Even in the 95 after gynecological problems have emerged, gynecological problems and sedentary cleanliness and sexual behavior are closely related, but the market for this topic and ignore the obscure, the gynecological disease is often neglected in the early and late menstrual discomfort and infertility was high. In the popularization of HPV and sanitary science, they also found that women of the same age for the pursuit of cleanliness, warning effects have let this box start to open, this is likely to have only started the concept of awakening from 90.In order to design a clean type of condoms, they invited the biological, chemical munitions expert, former professor of School of chemical defense team independently developed a new formula — Poly can through the added lubricant, sugar, efficient antibacterial, no stimulation, the effect of food grade. By suppressing a variety of harmful bacteria, beneficial bacteria to protect, to prevent gynecological diseases. The founder said the formula had been patented, but the core molecular weight ratio was kept secret. Meanwhile, the sleeve stays slim 003 to ensure user experience.From the point of view of the security entrance of condom packaging, different from other brand products, without too much pattern, without a hint of color. The author at first glance, still think it is a mobile phone technology brand. Chen Hao introduced, he hoped that consumers will condoms as ordinary daily necessities, highlighting the concept of clean health, without excessive packaging rendering.Wang Haolin believes that women care for their own health and safety, should be further popularized, now from the condom to start, will be launched immediately after the lubrication function more comprehensive, get rid of the female sexual intercourse pain secret sorrow. The Safety Portal plans to open the field of women’s health in the future by experts in joint studies, women’s health and women’s rights.The huge market demand, who is a “domestic Durex”?Through more than third agencies data: China’s condom consumption 10 billion, while women’s cleaning private care market consumption of over one hundred million. The incidence rate of gynecological diseases in Shenzhen was 86.5%. Therefore, the security entrance believes that the market needs safer products, the market looking for the next domestic high-quality brands.If Durex representative interesting, Okamoto representative thin, the security entrance pay more attention to clean, even if the current care clean person is not so much the first two.Wang Haolin and Chen Haoyong from the perspective of 90 to create a new ethical daily necessities”. They believe that daily necessities can make life easier. Commodities, as tools, should not only solve things, but should also help people with this daily necessities.They say there are more mature products launched 5 years will be in the future through the entrance security, design thinking more dimensions, in order to achieve daily necessities to prevent disease, because compared to the use of daily necessities of the time, after the use of the time really long, make life really simple in use after no new problems. The quality of life of long-term promotion.(original title: Black technology condoms, in the name of love) 2015 aircraft Cup

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