Start from the condom, the brand choice under the background of the market competition

Abstract: implicit Chinese has always been talking about sex. Because not on the table, and various other high-profile industry scurry, related industrial chain, Adult supplies often in a low-key stealth. But just need to touch the outside on the adult products market is still stuck in the impression that the big fortune”. 0″ as in recent years there have been people taste goods brought into public discussion category, Adult supplies industry from the initial to the roadside shop in a sneaky way “of a topic and scale. 90 girls Ma Jiajia first taste of goods to the capital market, interest industry gradually usher in opportunity for development. This point from the capital market attitude change can also be corroborated. In addition, according to Analysys think tank research, sustained growth Chinese pharmaceutical B2C market, Adult supplies will become a high need equipment, drug category. After the initial stage of rapid growth, the domestic adult goods market is to achieve an unprecedented prosperity? Unexpected answer. Business platform sales data show that several major brand sales platform Adult supplies a huge difference, share by Jissbon, Okamoto and other major brands, Durex firmly occupy. Brand concentration of various categories of higher. This makes the other brands outside except oligarchs again flourish in the environment, was caught in a difficult period of climbing, many brands have begun showing a melancholy mood, always hidden in the survival of enterprises will be more difficult. Then the news came to our vision: the majority of couples to buy condoms “needle” 18 year old girl pregnant 2 times in 3 months. The party to buy condoms, the store does not have the commodity business license, the product code on the package is also not on the official website of the query…… The girl buy condom packaging appearance and a big brand appearance similar, but the actual product associated with the brand without. Confirmed by the authorities, the girl is the root cause of the tragedy is the purchase of counterfeit goods. 0″ is true, the big brands eroded the market share shrank dramatically, making itself its small brands and small manufacturers one disaster after another. Difficult to survive causing some producers go astray, abandon quality to disregard the lives of others and ignore safety, by false copycat, card, the price to win. What is more in a flagrant way of counterfeit big brand packaging, shoddy consumer fraud, resulting in tragic news events occurred in successive pregnancies. Abandon the moral bottom line in the competition, to realize their own interests, it is helpless. The result can only be a step closer to the bankruptcy of the enterprise. The market gradually mature, accelerate the trend of brand Adult supplies industry market is to improve quality of confused situation, the future of the core competitiveness will be reflected in product innovation level. Serious and intense competition in the homogenization of products today, brand of condoms only from market segments to continuous innovation and research, to meet the different needs of different users, in order to occupy a favorable position in the competition. Brand’s advantage is the objective existence, whether it is high visibility, high market share of the big brand, or regional strong, weak strength of small brands, have their different characteristics and advantages. The competition intensifies, weaknesses are effective tools for small brands and oligopoly competition. After the baptism of market competition, the survival of the big brands, both in product quality, brand positioning, channel coverage or marketing practices, customer service service, after repeated consumer experience and confirmed that the layers of screening is a certain stride forward singing militant songs, exuberant vitality in the foundation of product quality pass on. We advocate consumers still choose a big brand, but also to remind the small and micro businesses, face market competition, and to accept the market and consumer inspection and audit. Survival of the fittest is the market behavior and the law, small and micro enterprises to make their own brand into a feature or can penetrate deep into the hearts of consumers. Do not compete in proper way, and the use of counterfeit, copycat, infringement and large brands contend, would not get to seize market share, is the only exit.

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