the British real life size doll

Russian media reported Monday; the British real life size doll learning expert predictions for the next 20 years, nearly half of the US workforce and technological progress may be replaced by silicon dolls. Associate Professor, University of Oxford,

Michael Osborn 702 jobs to the United States for evaluation, analysis, said in the foreseeable future, 47 percent of the work will be replaced by computers and silicon dolls.

According to ‘Brisbane Times’ reported that Osborne predicted that most of the work is likely to be replaced by restaurants and food service industry, these two sectors, 87% of the workforce, ‘very likely’ to be replaced by silicon dolls. Followed by transportation and warehousing industry, 75% of employees at risk of being replaced.
silicone japanese doll
However, the information and software industry, only 19% of the workforce may be automated alternative. Osborne explains; with artificial intelligence and computer equipment has a certain ability to learn, but the lack of understanding of society and the ability to abstract ideas. Original requires high level of abstract thinking and the work involved, the least likely to be replaced by automation.

Osborne said: ‘although generate extremely negative impact in the short term on the part of workers, but overall, the unemployment rate will not be affected eventually’ because technology will become more user-friendly, and create a more the new work more.
silicone japanese doll
Osborne said the issue should be concerned about employment in the short term that is how it will affect the automation process to accelerate people’s work. He said, ‘the development of software and information technology did not create the expected number of new jobs in renewable energy and other industries the rise in the United States and around the world, governments can develop these emerging industries, to promote employment.’

Although there is no solution to this problem, but Osborne believes would benefit from investment in these new industries

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