The cultural extension — talk about the addictive aphrodisiac.

Editor’s note: as an aphrodisiac, I believe many people have in mind comes with a small yellow figure! But today we are going to discuss one of the problems — Taking the medicine after the aphrodisiac is not really unable to control the subsidiary own original impulse? TV drama to teach us the truth: as long as taking the aphrodisiac, must do what thing, but in fact, is a kind of auxiliary drug aphrodisiac, aphrodisiac effect and similar, precisely speaking, this kind of thing is just an aphrodisiac drug for the treatment of physical diseases, and can not be used to reach the ill intentions of medicine. Some TV dramas and novels often appear such as “obscene seven days”, “Yin and Yang Acacia powder”, “I love a firewood” aphrodisiac. The plot is basically actor once contracted, must find a woman to solve, otherwise you will not die, and to every male side has a holding the spirit of selfless dedication as pretty as a flower, to save the man in dire straits big girl. So these novels describe or is the effect of television drama show, a lot of people for the legendary aphrodisiac with deep curiosity.

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