The Hefei Gender Health Expo will kick off on September!

Abstract: Hefei news, July 26th, China (Hefei) International sexual health industry expo (referred to as “Hefei gender health exhibition is held in the press conference), Binhu International Exhibition Center, Hefei gender health exhibition will be held on September 22-25 in Anhui International Exhibition Center, which lasted 4 days, the exhibition area of 12000 square meters. Booth 100, Associated Media… Hefei news, July 26th, China (Hefei) International sexual health industry expo (referred to as “Hefei gender health exhibition is held in the press conference), Binhu International Exhibition Center, Hefei gender health exhibition will be held on September 22-25 in Anhui International Exhibition Center, which lasted 4 days, the exhibition area of 12000 square meters, special booth 100 a Associated Media, the audience is expected to more than 80, more than 8 people, more than 1 professional buyers. The exhibition organized by the international Chinese sexual health industry expo organizing committee, Hefei International Exhibition Zhengwen Management Limited and Xiamen betung global exhibition co.. 0″The organizing committee secretary general Ye Dewei (left) Hefei City Council director Liu Xuegang (left two) president of the World Association of Chinese sexologist Tao Lin (left three) Deputy General Manager Zhu Qing Hefei Zhengwen exhibition jointly launchedPromote sexual health, concept communication and people’s welfareHefei gender health exhibition will be starting from the public, academic, research, education, industry and other five aspects, based on the characteristics of Hefei City, to adhere to the people’s livelihood, caring people the spirit of the instructions of the Party Central Committee, on gender academic culture research, clinical medicine, adolescent sex education, AIDS prevention, gender and other themes in industry, to convey correct concept for sexual health, for the popularization of health knowledge, health knowledge teaching, and promote the positive development of the health industry. I believe that through the media attention and dissemination, it will help promote the healthy upgrading of the central city group’s large health industry. 0″Speech by President of World Chinese Sexology Association10th anniversary World Chinese Sexology AssociationIn July 10th the Ministry of Education promulgated the “ordinary high school health education guidelines”, proposed to focus on adolescent sexual and reproductive health “, setting up the self health care consciousness, grasp the maintenance of sexual and reproductive health knowledge and skills, improve the maintenance of sexual and reproductive health ability.To this end, the Hefei gender health exhibition will be held in 2017 China Health Education Forum World Chinese sexologist Association 10th anniversary annual meeting, designed to respond to development strategy of national reproductive health industry, promote the school health education and psychological counseling, improving people’s awareness of reproductive health and AIDS prevention, to carry out sexual health education to establish a correct outlook on love and marriage China; construction of sexual health political and business media exchange platform. 0″Hefei Zhengwen exhibition deputy general manager Zhu Qing speechThe introduction of advanced exhibition industry operation experience and prosperity of the market”Sexual Health Exhibition” originated in the Chinese exhibition and international exhibition city “model city” of Xiamen, the organizers innovation “online”, “bag type exhibition”, “focus on customers” mode of operation, the exhibition intends to Zhengwen through cooperation with the exhibition organizing committee, strengthen project cooperation, personnel exchanges, investment in the breeze, vigorously the introduction of exhibition content and diversified and various aspects, absorb advanced experience, beneficial to the rich city of Hefei exhibition resources, to build Hefei into the open and inclusive international famous exhibition city. 0″The international exhibition of sexual health secretary general of the organizing committee, chairman of Xiamen betung exhibition Ye Dewei speechIn depth, 105 counties invite 80 thousand audienceHefei City, the geographical position is superior, the transportation is convenient, links to the province’s 16 city, Anhui Province, 80 million of the population, has a huge consumer market, therefore, the Hefei Gender Health Exhibition Exhibition for retail brand positioning, 100 thousand retail terminal, make great efforts to carry out in-depth Anhui buyers, 105 counties, six provinces of Nanjing, Wuhan and the surrounding Zhengzhou etc. for medium-sized city, Adult supplies stores, pharmacies, convenience stores, supermarkets and other retail outlets door-to-door solicitation, and provide free accommodation and other buyers subsidy policy, is expected to show a live audience of 80 thousand in the future. 0″Hefei Zhengwen exhibition and Xiamen betung global exhibition the two sides signed a cooperation agreementPowerful combination to build the first characteristic brand exhibition of six provinces in Central ChinaHefei Zhengwen International Exhibition Management Company Limited under the Hefei New Area Administrative Culture Development Co., Ltd., the operation and management of the Anhui International Exhibition Center, Hefei International Exhibition Center Binhu two exhibition center, successfully organized many large-scale exhibition activities, is one of the most famous in Asia Exhibition Center, Asia’s leading exhibition city lay a solid foundation for Hefei among.Red Net 100 eleven Festival broadcast platform 1 hundred million traffic”One hundred million” is the 2016 exhibition and show live hand over data, this is the collision of two industries, which not only created a new history of sexual health development, is a new breakthrough in the exhibition industry, the 2017 will continue to work together, pepper, YY, boring machine, sails, and Nouveau riche, reflecting the guest, Qixiu eye NetEase, he a eleven interest, live webcast platform, hundreds of net red watch exhibition site, click create “one hundred million” myth.Sexual health exhibition to broadcast platform, not only broke the boundaries of the exhibition, to achieve communication maximization, is to provide excellent material to the broadcast platform for content creation, both sides each other resources circulation, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win.The exhibition will be held during the 2017 China adolescent sex education charity, 2017 International Reproductive summit, the six central provinces in 2017 to promote sexual health supplies, and held many rich and colorful activities, the 2017 Anhui international beauty contest, 2017 Anhui fitness metrosexual man amp; 2017 Anhui leg buttock goddess contest, photography exhibition, 2017 super Red Net Festival other field activities. 0″Press conference liveBrand upgrade first national tour new modelChinese International Health Industry Expo positioning the world’s largest gender sexual health fair, founded by Xiamen betung Global Exhibition Co. Ltd., founded in 2016 in Xiamen successfully held the first, which lasted 3 days, the exhibition area of 15 thousand square meters, attracted from a global audience of about 30 thousand people, more than 100 brands of wonderful debut, on-site turnover of over 1 million yuan, reach the intention of signing 30 million yuan, hundreds of media coverage, Baidu search, micro-blog hot topic, broadcast platform continued hot list.The 2017 International Expo Chinese sexual health brand promotion, this innovative exhibition tour in Shuangcheng, will be held in September 22nd November 30th landing in Hefei, landing in Xiamen, the World Expo exhibition located in sexual health, “a sexual health revolution” for the purpose of promoting the mass spiritual civilization construction, the popularity of sexual health knowledge, sexual health industry to create a new blue ocean.It is reported that the Xiamen gender health exhibition will be held November 30th -12 month 3 days in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center, which lasted 4 days, the exhibition area exceeded 15000 square meters, 120 exhibiting brands, Associated Media 120, professional international buyers more than 5000 people, more than 200 people, the number of visitors is expected to 50 thousand passengers, will set off a new upsurge sexual health industry.

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