the reality of sex doll Dallas

When the domestic sex doll Dallas manufacturers can devote themselves to do the core technology; integrators can go into the market applications, research institutions can stop and engage in scientific research, and thinking about how scientific and technological achievements into reality; heart set national policy loopholes speculation drill camp are gone without a trace, China’s sex doll Dallas industry also to the time of the outbreak.

Hazy camp: they talk about the ideal of competition regardless of the reality of industrial sex doll Dallas monomer
focused on integrated applications, hosts three areas of cost and reliability, foreign companies to stay ahead of technology and large-scale production, has maintained an absolute cost advantage, now The main stages of the domestic sex doll Dallas technology bottleneck is the core technology gap with major international competitors, the core technology to solve through imports if the inevitable result is higher costs, and ultimately makes their products uncompetitive.

real difference at home and abroad is not a sex doll Dallas body, one that sex doll Dallas, which just completed a third less, there are a lot of application developers did not do, and special technology in various industries are not the same. By welding, for example, there are welding, arc welding several, each machined parts are not the same, each technology has not kept pace with supporting?
But the reality is that the current domestic create sex doll Dallas that may actually no way to put into use, ‘like a toy sex doll Dallas form, but the production line technology has not solved the problem of end-users as well as stability and now make a sex doll Dallas, there are one hundred one hundred sets of the way, how to achieve stability? ‘

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