The rise of erotic vending machine model, and more frequent

Summary: Recently, Shenzhen City, Longhua New District, an unmanned shop, causing public attention. To this end, the reporter interviewed the owner of the store. According to Mr. Zhang introduced his boss, he joined an adult supplies vending machine manufacturers, opened two weeks, has a good sales, then told reporters demonstrated the use of methods. Only the computer selected goods, pick up the coin after payment will be able to live in the vending machine, all are own operation, and 24 hours, can be purchased at any time. 0″ Mr. Zhang told reporters, before his work in Guangdong, by a shopping experience let him to accept the vending shop. After feeling no sale store a huge market space, the resulting entrepreneurial ideas. After a variety of contrast, the final choice of the country’s largest adult supplies vending machine enterprises in Shenzhen thousand bird Technology Co., ltd.. Reporters also interviewed on the nearby shops. One guy told reporters before and the salesperson face-to-face purchase is always awkward, also feel shy completely describe their needs, and this vending shop marketing mode, not only will not be embarrassed, but also can be chosen, he is willing to accept the new things. Reporter access to relevant information to further understand this emerging industry. Data show that this is a high profit, high demand industries. Since 90s China’s health care products into the Chinese, after cultivation for about 10 years and 5-8 years of growth period, the goods industry compound growth rate as high as 63%, is expected to 2020, the industry will show explosive growth. However, the traditional sales model of customer privacy as inevitable embarrassment and so on all kinds of psychological problems, but this new vending mode appears, to overcome the psychological barriers of the largest customer, will enter the explosive growth period. According to industry experts, said: the emergence of no store is also the inevitable outcome of the development of science and technology and intelligent products, the future market space is very large. Related companies can also consider increasing credit card, mobile payment, software ordering and other ways to further expand the market. Traditional adult products industry as soon as possible to learn from experience, reform, otherwise it is easy to be eliminated by the market.

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