The sex toys online is no ‘common sense’

From ten thousand toys sex ownership point of view, China’s industrial sex toys online industry there is a large room for development. Chinese per million workers, only 30 toys sex, while the average sex toys online density per million workers in the world have 62 toys sex. But under the market demand, the supply side put narrow trend, industrial sex toys online market has taught development growth will pick up in the situation facing. Therefore, the domestic sex toys online industry, the future development will be both opportunities and challenges.

opportunity aspect, automobiles and parts, electronic manufacturing and plastics and plastics industry in three main application areas of electronics manufacturing, especially in the outlet 3c electronics manufacturing will rapidly develop in the future is expected to surpass the automotive industry has become the most widely used toys sex industry;

challenges, market demand after the slowdown of industrial toys sex, sex toys online enterprises need to practice, ‘Strength’ technological breakthrough, and as a competitive advantage and long-term development. In addition, the competitive market environment, the sex toys online companies need to force early layout and emerging markets. Currently, the service toys sex become industrial sex toys online company can cut most areas, with different industrial toys sex, service toys sex more intelligent, and with the Internet environment close first off, this industrial sex toys online company, is a higher level .

toys sex, artificial intelligence is undoubtedly the most controversial in recent years in technology, on the one hand, people want the sex toys online smarter, more versatile, to help people deal with difficult issues or replace the low-end labor; on the one hand, people are worried sex toys online will become the ‘Terminator’ in one day, self-awareness will make them more powerful than humans.

Obviously, not all scientists agree ‘sex toys online threat theory’, in fact they wanted toys sex smarter. Wherein a first direction is to allow the sex toys online to learn to say: ‘Do not.’

American human-computer interaction laboratory at Tufts University in Boston shows the results of a study: a small sex toys online come to the edge of the table, the researchers asked it to continue to walk, but it refused. Clearly, at least from the algorithm point of view, this is a huge breakthrough in artificial intelligence.

Previously, the manifestation of artificial intelligence that is more extensive database and advanced than the form, of course, include imitation of some human action, but the sex toys online is no ‘common sense’, such as unreasonable demands on human judgment. Scientists Matthias Scheutz and Gordon Briggs said, so the sex toys online has certain human knowledge is the first step the recent development of artificial intelligence. For example, if the sex toys online into the family, it needs to be able to judge things like naughty children who make it to his brother pour hot coffee, it would be rejected. Such techniques are not truly autonomous sex toys online consciousness, but it is still very difficult to achieve.

Specifically, the sex toys online has a human moral standards, in addition to the church sex toys online how to complete the task, but also an additional layer through a very complex to achieve. Currently, Carnegie Mellon University Computer Science students and put 2,000 teachers to carry out the research and development, at least until 2040, be possible to achieve consumer applications.

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