The teacher taught hayida necessity of condom use, children’s easy to talk about sex”

Abstract: the teacher taught hayida necessity of condom use, children’s easy to talk about “sex” life daily news November 6th “I happened with friends * *, did not take security measures at the time, I will not get sick?” “My girlfriend is pregnant. What should I do?”” Recently, just a week, deputy director of hayida health research and Education Center Peng Tao received this mail for help students have more than 20 letters. A few days ago, Peng Tao received a student phone, the other said relationship with his girlfriend, a bag as a condom use. “At the time when I heard the news, I was speechless, in the university classroom on students’ safety knowledge popularization imminent.” Peng Tao expressed concern. 4, 18 PM, in the course of “public elective hayida 2.5 hours, gender and health” in the classroom, Peng Tao boldly let students to demonstrate the use of condoms, the students had a different sex education. sensitive words into the classroom students talk about “sex” leisurely “students, you have to understand how to love?” Harbin Medical University “,” gender and health teacher Peng Tao took to the podium and not the first time to get to the point, but out of this sensitive issue. Sex is based on love.” A female student said, “male students said,” sex is everyone’s physical and psychological needs, which can be before marriage.” For a while, the topic of sexual love was heatedly discussed in class. Peng Tao summed up: “college students” sexual “is an objective existence, but never do whatever they like, this should stress” sexual security. “”. “If your girlfriend refuses your request to have sex, please respect their choice. Sex is joyful and joyful only on the basis of voluntariness and safety.” The reporter noticed that when Peng Tao said these things, 132 students in the classroom were not shy and embarrassed, but rather a kind of calm and thirst for knowledge. “A set of” peer bold demonstration demonstration are more likely to accept “the correct use of condoms is responsible for each of us, and it is also an important part of safety.” Said Peng Tao, invited four students die to demonstrate “wear”, originally thought that this link will be cool, but let reporters unexpected is that there are two female students and two male students to boldly go to the front. “I think, as a college student, you should know the basic knowledge of sex, and there is nothing to be shy about.”.” A female student said. “The use of condoms to explain to students by watching videos is not enough, if peer to explain the related knowledge through hands-on, will allow students more acceptable.” Peng Tao says. Expert: students should learn how to choose sex in front of Peng Tao told reporters, in China, sexual and reproductive health of adolescents showed the sex proportion increased, increased, unsafe sex increased ratio of unmarried pregnancy and abortion rate and reproductive tract infection ratio increased, the Chinese students at 17 years of age -24 old, let students understand the use of condoms, this is to help students understand the occurrence should be based on health, safety and happiness, don’t hurt yourself, don’t hurt others, also must know how to make the occurrence of sexual behavior choice etc. 8.5mm Multi Speed vibrator massager

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