This classic intelligent puppet theater, you can recall?

Editor’s note: Recently, China’s first interactive robot successfully launched, although not yet to the stage of foreign sales, but the new science and technology is still amazing. Since the robot, inflatable dolls, dolls are the most intelligent Indoorsman love hearts, they are not only beautiful, good temperament, it is the perfect girlfriend word! Compared to some of the girls now, seems to have more to bring the simulation doll man happiness and blessing of “sex”? Does that mean that inflatable dolls will take the place of women? Xiao Bian can only say that everything is possible! Today the EXDOLL puppet theatre, TV sitcom memories, I’m going to take you back a 90s. I believe this old film has exceeded the age of a lot of friends. Born as a fan of the baby after the birth of Xiao Bian, would like to share this drama at this moment to everyone, just to remember the memories of your childhood that clear, together with a review of the sunny day.

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