Those years, people in front of a bright European and American adult products

Editor’s note: Although the domestic industry is now in full swing fun, but some countries from Europe and the United States has a lot of adult products industry is still a great distance. As everyone knows, the Chinese people’s thoughts and ideas are more conservative, so to some extent still contained the development appeal of the industry, so there are still a lot of gap compared with advanced countries, for example we still buy condoms are too ashamed to be known in the 1990s, they have new fun supplies a and a fascinating. Europe and the United States are aware of the open, adult products have started early, all kinds of. So, what do you know about European and American adult products? Especially high-end brands, the most able to show a person’s taste and force. Number to the number, you only know LELO? Then you’re OUT. With small make up together, take you to see the European and American adult products industry “LV” people!

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