Toys: small secret let her tide spewing bed.

Editor’s note: with the improvement of living standards, people are no longer boring sex, but the pursuit of some excitement, to bring you more fun sex, sex toys, led to the development of these people’s concept of change, as we all know, in the sexual process, a woman without humoralsecretion not strong, is not perfect so the foreplay, so we must resort to sex toys to make the other party of course, there are a lot of body fluids spewing, sex toys, the key is to choose their own. After use, should pay attention to clean, so that the next use. At the same time, but also pay attention to leakage and other phenomena, so as not to affect the use effect. Sex skills, so that we can not count, is not all the skills to try. However, we can always choose the best and most exciting way in many sexual skills, so that we can get the satisfaction of sexual love, let us enjoy the pleasure of the climax. Believe that you already know enough of the sex skills, and today to introduce you to the sex skills is how to use sex toys. 0″ as we all know, the woman body fluid secretion levels and sex life, happiness is closely linked, so many men are very concerned about how to make a woman more exuberant, turbulent fluid secretion. Simply caress, tease is just contact for sex, many times the effect will be reduced, then it is necessary to use sex toys to take care of her. Of course, not all of the toys are able to let her body spewing, only the right to be so. To this end, a small series of specially summed up a few, let’s look at it. 1, the simulation of tongue oral sex, is the most exciting, the most slippery way of sex. And in the appeal of the products have a similar life of the tongue of the sex toys for her. Soft taste of the simulation of the tongue through power, you can own vibration, but also can be deep into the female’s “heart””. This is the beauty of electric simulation tongue, using it to stimulate the sensitive points appropriate. And the simulation of the tongue is also full of floating point, and the skin when the thrill of contact is more intense. Of course, you can also use the simulation and Eros, can also bring her true feelings of love oral pleasure, soft and stimulus artifact. 2, whirlwind tongue single name from the point of view, we know that there is more stimulation. Taste “cyclone tongue” is like a small fan, the fan blade is very soft, will not damage the skin. After the operation, high-speed operation of the fan blade and the skin is the kind of Everfount as “superficial” like flirting, few people can calm. “| can hold in the cyclone tongue skin, vulva and other sensitive areas, the effect is absolutely extraordinary. To know that even if the man’s tongue is too high, can not and this has a strong motor simulation of the tongue compared to men, after all, is a man, not a machine. 3, in order to make small Tiaodan Tiaodan tentacles can be more awesome, designers create new styles, add new elements such as egg, small tentacles. This small tentacles are used on the human body is harmless, will not hurt the skin of the material made of. In our vibration and also to the skin and key parts does not bring the same sense of sexual stimulation. 4, the hedgehog and small tentacle like Tiaodan Tiaodan, “hedgehog” is also used health materials will Tiaodan Tiaodan re transformation, it covered a lot of thorns. Of course, these thorns are added to stimulate the skin, try to use once to know the benefits of it.

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