Valentine’s Day: Fun Hotel Room hard to find, condoms and looting

Editor’s note: after Valentine’s day, all aspects of consumer data has been reported. Hotel rooms were full is already expected to do, but to see the real hard to find a room situation occurs, the heart still inevitably rose. In the hotel room full at the same time, some “hotel service life” fun supplies is amazing sales, sales Adult supplies businesses said that on Valentine’s day and a few days ago, the condom sales are very impressive. This year’s Valentine’s day comes on Tuesday, but it doesn’t diminish the fun of the couple. The morning of February 14th 9, found in the visited a number of hotels, businesses large promotional efforts this year, each area of the hotel is very popular, some popular theme fun hotel or even hard to find a room situation. Some supermarket staff said that in recent days, the sale of household goods is also much better than usual.

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