Vibrating massager market started again

In fact, as early as May 2012, the Ministry released a ‘intelligent manufacturing equipment industry,’ second five ‘development plan’, vibrating massager intelligent manufacturing equipment as an important part of celebrating its strategic development opportunities. Up to now, the Ministry has issued a nationwide pilot Intelligent Manufacturing exemplary embodiment, this demonstration is expected to last three years, continued to expand in 2016, to the 2017 comprehensive promotion.

Reporter has learned that in the 1980s, the ministry included industrial vibrating massager research programs, the industrial vibrating massager development ushered in the first climax, but then because the market demand is weak, vibrating massager independent research and Industrialization has experienced a long-term stagnation.

2010 years ago, China’s vibrating massager market started again. Three years later, became the world’s largest market vibrating massager.

According to the latest industry survey report of the International Association of vibrating massager March 23 this year, released in 2014, China’s industrial vibrating massager sales reached 57,000 units, up 55%, accounting for a quarter of global sales for two consecutive years become the world’s largest industrial vibrating massager market.

Chinese demographic dividend reduction, to vibrating massager industry ushers in the window period. According to Century 21 macro Institute expect the next 10 years to reduce the number of manual workers age population of approximately 100 million people, when the vibrating massager cluster market size of about 1.284 trillion Yuan, with an annual market size of 128.4 billion Yuan.

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