Visit the world’s first condom store Condomerie

Abstract: in the Holland Amsterdam **Warmoesstraat desire crossflow, hidden in the world’s first condom store Condomerie in Amsterdam **Warmoesstraat in Holland desire crossflow, has opened the world’s first condom store Condomerie. You seek to stimulate the good passing through it is hard to miss, because the window of people is this: src= and then pull a close let you see the condom ridden” brother David: “ push the door, you will there is a new world piece be in full swing. Interesting and fun is lined up, different tastes, colors and styles of everything, eye-opening people. , unheard of in front of a superb collection of beautiful things is, you may feel their knowledge with ignorance of human insignificance. But never mind, because it is said that the staff are very professional and friendly, you can chat with them: “customer Hello, do you need what size is? Do you have a preference for color, shape, texture and taste? Chocolate, mango, strawberry, banana…… We all have a taste of what, or environmental protection is luminous also. If you want to be the one and only, we can tailor-made for you……” a lollipop, would you like to have one? In addition to lubricating oil and diversiform bumpers, there are like postcards, T-shirts this kind of souvenir for you away. Whether you are a soft girl shy, or like tigers young men, this seemed to satisfy your curiosity and desire. according to Condomerie’s official website said the store first opened in 1987. In 1980s, AIDS in the pharmacy, while wantonly, sex shops and vending machines can buy condoms, but choose not to, what is the right people to understand condom co.. The emergence of this store, to help break the people’s shame on the sale of condoms. In the sale of a variety of condoms to their customers at the same time, Professor of professional knowledge, but also to help prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. It can be said that this is the patron saint of security Condomerie * * “”. (suddenly awe…… ) next time you have a chance to go to Amsterdam, I also want to buy here. Well, think about a little excitement. src= Sexy Lingerie for real silicone sex dolls for sale United States

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