‘watchdog’ ‘Midnight gear’ to show affection discovered sex doll

Ubisoft Montreal hacker sandbox feast ‘watchdog’, recently boarded the American TV program Late Show, showing some tasks and chase scenes peek. Here we should note two details, a video appeared in the male host is the most popular in the United States showy star Jimmy Fallon (Jimmy \u0026 middot; Fallon); the other is Jimmy holds in his hand is a ‘watchdog ‘PS4 version, so we see the picture of that version of PS4. Delight that a man locked in a man’s life when he spy, only to arrange the game designers actually give him an sex doll, the scene got a little embarrassed, but have to say ‘watchdog’ still reflect US city real life.

American television broadcast of the night shift ‘watchdog’ demo:

scene black actress Aisha Tyler said: ‘Watchdog’ \ It feels like is to have a ‘GTA’ all the ingredients, but the ‘watchdog’ bigger and more exciting. It is an open world hack into the game, but you can also sneak, you can also become a spy, you can shoot them happy, but also drove some driving. Here’s everything you could want to do, is simply cool. \u0026 Rdquo;

Ubisoft so blatantly by actress’s mouth, deliberately and R star of ‘GTA’ for comparison, but also on the high popularity of the television program Late Show, deliberate obvious. However, the starting point of ‘watchdog’ design itself is very innovative, unique idea, any hack into someone else’s living space, the entire city of Chicago by their own control, in itself is cool, and three in the course of conversation, intentionally or unintentionally The mention of this as time has gone through several years to develop, it can be said that Ubisoft is entering his mind sandbox crime games, high sincerity.

‘watchdog’ will host the next generation and this generation PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC platform for a total of five games overall to bring Chinese version, the Chinese version of this generation will be the host of this year 12 launched earlier this month.

HD video screen:

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