What is SMS loan?



SMS loan is a loan that belongs to the so-called. quick loans. SMS Loan is offered only by non-banking organizations and like most other quick loans, SMS Loan immediately offers only small amounts. The maturity can be from one day to a few months.

Fast SMS Loan offers you to pay money to your account within a few tens of minutes. Usually, an SMS loan is provided immediately to everyone. For many non-banking organizations do not mind the execution or low income. SMS loans are also suitable for problematic clients.

How to get SMS loan?

How to get SMS loan?

Arranging the first SMS loan can be a little more complicated. The first SMS loan is delivered as a postal order via Post. Since a non-banking institution has to create a client profile, verify its identity and check the debtor register, it takes several days to arrange the first SMS loan.

Often, however, non-banking institutions provide the first new SMS loans without a register and proof of income. Often the first SMS loan is provided without interest. For other applications, evaluation is much faster and easier. Here the SMS loan will arrive immediately to your account and the entire process of requesting and sending money to your bank account takes a few minutes.

This type of loan has a slightly simpler evaluation procedure. Although it is usually offered as an SMS loan to everyone immediately, with the amendment to the Consumer Credit Act, the provider is obliged to verify whether the candidate is able to repay the loan. Even so, many non-bank loans are still provided to people who are unable to repay them. Often, loans without a register and collateral are lower.

SMS loans for troubled clients target clients with execution or huge debts. Borrowing loans are highly risky and are mostly offered by predators and usurers in the non-banking market.

Advantages and disadvantages of SMS loans

Advantages and disadvantages of SMS loans

An SMS loan immediately to everyone is a simple and affordable means to raise money for sudden expenses. A quick SMS loan immediately to your account is available to people without income, but it is necessary to think about the repayment options and repay the loan within the agreed term.

SMS loans and other micro loans must be repaid on time. Due to frequent and high charges, they can quickly become expensive and get the debtor into a debt trap.

The main advantages of SMS Loan include:

  • negotiation speed
  • shorter repayment period
  • the ease of setting up a loan

The disadvantages of an SMS loan are:

  • extremely high interest rates and APRC
  • high and frequent cartoons
  • often check registers and receipts
  • high penalties for late payments
  • own a bank account

An extension of the SMS loan maturity is possible, but it is not recommended. The client will be credited with high interest and this will start to increase the amount due. Postponement of payment is charged, as well as sending reminders. These fees can amount to hundreds of crowns per week.

Non-bank loans contracted for a few weeks are characterized by high interest rates and extremely high APRCs. For this reason, only the final amounts that a person has to repay are often displayed. Another common obstacle is the need to own a bank account. This is usually controlled by sending a verification fee of USD 1. Sometimes it is possible to find SMS loans without charge of 1 USD, when the loan can be paid in cash.

What to think before arranging an SMS loan?

What to think before arranging an SMS loan

If several SMS loans are arranged, it is possible to request consolidation of SMS loans from some companies. By consolidation, individual SMS loans are consolidated into one loan. This step will reduce interest and fees. An alternative is to request a refinancing of an SMS loan for one SMS loan and thus improve the repayment conditions.

If the applicant is thinking about a quick SMS loan, you can also look for other microloans. At present, there is also the first free loan offered by the company for new clients. The first free loan is free of charge and interest.

An SMS loan for troubled clients and people without income can be a quick way to solve unexpected expenses. However, it is necessary to think about the total amount of its expenses and the possibilities of repayment in order to avoid distraints and problems.

If an individual does not have their own bank account or does not want to pay a fee of USD 1 for an SMS loan, they can opt for an alternative – the so-called weekend loan. A weekend loan is often handed over in cash at a branch or directly imported home to the client.

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