Which otaku physical strength? Chinese space travel otaku might challenge

Recently,a European soil mansion holding pillow ‘girlfriend’open super run four of their wealth Huobian network! With the Internet culture throughout the world,’otaku’is neither a Chinese specialty,nor is Japanese specialty,they have become the world’s An ethnic subcultures within range.Produced in different regions have different otaku,otaku physical Which in the end so strong. China otaku okay in the end it?

Japanese otaku ‘roll up’the power of robust physique imaginary?



Japanese otaku on inflatable love doll I absolutely beyond your imagination,and even Japanese otaku with his sex doll wedding!See Japanese otaku ‘roll up’ function really is not covered. Fortunately,China otaku only in the face of setbacks,it self-deprecating words:otaku cry,stand up go back. ‘Lu’This thing that once led to excessive bodily weakness, really drink much Huiyuan Kidney all make it back!

European otaku muscle strength?



European otaku worthy steak drink milk growing up,and even stay home all day otaku,can rival China muscular.What?You suspect that Europe is not a standard otaku? Milontinlook at the Swiss little brother named his ‘otaku’level actually defeated the Japanese otaku,won the ‘world’s first disease crazy otaku’in the title. In his own to show off the top anime game peripheral devices,and at the same time with a variety of performance art photos,but also said to be an extreme sports enthusiast.

In Europe otaku face of such intense, Chinese otaku love can be worthy? Today otaku welfare is coming! Willlimit the movement of European otaku God horse is weak burst, ‘Wu Hun 2’ for the Chinese otaku provide a proof their chance! -participate in otaku fitness program, became the first to fly in space otaku


Now,what space travel is not hard elusive star Han Mainland non-professional astronauts become the first person, the little witch G.E.M. also will serve as ‘Universal Space’ ambassador, on Earth and in the next year out Space. In fact,two years ago,the Dutch company had launched SCX travel space travel,passengers can ride with type 2 spacecraft Lynx suborbital space flight conducted in the ground at a distance of 100km.

‘WuHun two’superior physical planning and preparation for this generous award is worth 600,000 of free space travel opportunity! What are you waiting?Witness the strength of China otaku moment to enter the camp, free space travel, marry white Formica, make life easy winner!

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