Women shopping online shopping mall midnight adults, but salesman harassment

Editor’s note: online shopping Adult supplies is the channel of choice for many young people to buy supplies, usually based on the special relationship between the seller products on the packaging will be “special treatment”, there is no general description of product words directly, it also let consumers feel very pleased. But a woman recently ordered a “special delivery” in the U.S. — sex toys, do not know what causes a deliveryman to understand this takeaway in the product, actually began harassing the woman. So the network of sex toys to remind the seller, in our country the taste of products is still relatively sensitive, so be sure to carefully package shipment! So as not to bring buyers and themselves a lot of trouble. Recently, Kunming citizens Ms. Lin for friends with the mobile phone at a “special delivery”, it was door-to-door rider “at”, not only in the door peeping, repeatedly add the WeChat of verbal harassment. At present, Ms. Lin has been afraid to go home for many days, afraid of being directly door-to-door harassment, and even retaliation. automatic line and pipe machine beer

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