World AIDS Day: 3 million free condoms in Shiyan

Editor’s note: yesterday was World AIDS Day, a number of health organizations in this day have been carried out and arranged for the prevention of AIDS publicity and implementation of a number of specific programs. The issue of condoms is the most direct and most effective way, it is reported that Shiyan has more than ten years of free distribution of 3 million condoms per year. For AIDS, many people do not understand, think that is a very distant thing, but in fact, due to various reasons, AIDS has even in the junior middle school students between the spread, so active learning aids and sex education knowledge is something beneficial to all. December 1st is the “World AIDS Day”, a reporter from the city CDC and the city of contraceptives management station was informed that since 2005, Shiyan full implementation of the “100% condom use program” entertainment regulations, hotels and other places of entertainment should be placed condoms or condom sale facilities, 3 million condoms free Shiyan annually.

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